meet our thought partners

meet our thought partners

To help Noonchi reach new heights, we’ve teamed up with thought partners who have the expertise and experience to help us grow.

Dr. Ben Rein Stanford Neuroscientist & Science Communicator

Dr. Robert Malenka’s lab at Stanford University

In his current research, Ben explores the neural basis of empathy and the mechanisms by which empathic behaviors can be enhanced. He received his Ph.D. in neuroscience from SUNY Buffalo, earning the Dean’s Award for Outstanding Dissertation Research. Ben’s thesis research focused on autism spectrum disorder and identified key systems in the brain that regulate social behavior. Outside the lab, Ben creates educational science videos for an audience of more than 900,000 followers on TikTok, Instagram, and BiliBili. He summarizes recent research papers in his videos, teaches fundamental scientific principles, and debunks “viral” videos containing scientific misinformation. Ben’s science communication has been recognized with awards from Stanford University, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and the Mind Science Foundation.

Matthew Savage Consultant, trainer, speaker and ally

#TheMonaLisaEffect ®

With 25 years experience as an educator and leader in schools in the UK and across the world, Matthew is now an internationally renowned consultant and trainer, supporting international schools worldwide to use assessment to embrace #deij and put and keep #WellbeingFirst. Co-creator of ‘Thrive: the wellbeing conference for international schools’, the inaugural convention of which will take place at KU Leuven in March 2023, all of his work aims to help schools ensure each child can “be seen, be heard, be known and belong”. He lives on the Isle of Skye with his wonderful wife and atypical dog.

Julian Sarafian Lawyer for Content Creators, Creator and Mental Health Advocate


Julian Sarafian’s journey started as a high school valedictorian, followed by a BA from UC Berkeley. Then at 19, he did an internship at the White House under the presidency of Barack Obama before graduating from Harvard Law. Following an intense period of self-reflection, he is now forging a new path as a mental health advocate, content creator (300k followers on social media), entrepreneur, and writer.

Ariana Vargas Founder of STIGMA, Filmmaker, Mental Health Speaker, Kindness Champion, Techstars ’22


Ariana is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and one of the 46% of Americans who lives with mental illness. She was born in Costa Rica to a father with schizophrenia, is the mother of an autistic son, and lives with diagnosed anxiety disorder and panic attacks. She is also the founder and CEO of STIGMA, a peer support app that Google named 2022’s “Best App for Good”.

Dr. Jean-Luc Eisele Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Jean-Luc Eisele is an active member and leader in global healthcare associations and federations. He is passionate about improving healthcare by sharing valuable knowledge and promoting more transparent communication and has extensive international experience in public health and advocacy.

Liam Lavery Director of Operations USPA


Liam Lavery began working professionally as a musician at the age of 13 and toured internationally with professional orchestras and choirs. This unique experience has given Liam an understanding of the difficulties and challenges of balancing professional and academic pursuits. Before joining USPA, he held a position as a teacher, Director of Creative Arts, and learning coach.

Wanjoo Kim General Manager


Wanjoo Kim holds a B.S. in engineering from Tufts University and a J.D. from Stanford Law School. He has developed expertise through international experiences and broad values, steers by a global cultural compass, and believes in responsible consumerism and cradle-to-grave integrity of products and services. Wanjoo celebrates the synergy of function and form, leading by example, and doing well by doing good.

Juan Cris Pérez Creative Director, Owner


Juan Cris Pérez has more than 25 years of experience in international communication agencies, such as Euro RSCG / Havas Creative and Grey Worldwide. As well as running his own award-winning branding design and communication agency, he has taught at Polycom and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in luxury marketing.

Samuel Pouyt Computational Law and Legal Tech Lead


Samuel Pouyt background reflects his interests and curiosity. He started in mechanical automation, then obtained a Master of Arts in English Linguistics, American Literature, Russian, and Musicology. As a software architect, he has led digital transformation teams providing insights and guidance on topics such as AI & Computational Law.