about us

about us

As a mental health advocate, I am particularly concerned about the difficulties schools encounter in fostering wellbeing. These challenges include accommodating student diversity, balancing academic priorities, securing staff buy-in, and measuring and assessing wellbeing initiatives.

Among the more difficult challenges that schools confront is determining the effectiveness of their wellbeing efforts, especially when there are no clear measures or benchmarks for success. This might make demonstrating the impact of wellbeing interventions to stakeholders such as parents or funders difficult.

To address these challenges, I founded a company that conducts school wellbeing audits for students and staff. Our primary objective is to assist schools in assessing the state of their current wellbeing programs, identifying areas that require improvement, and monitoring progress over time. By providing comprehensive insights, we aim to empower schools to prioritize the wellbeing of their students and staff and contribute to a brighter future for the next generation.

Michèle Lehmann-Kim Founder
ENSA Mental Health First Aid Instructor

Meet Michael Adhanom, our Mental Health Community & Business Lead. With a Master of Global Health from the University of Geneva and a Bachelor of Public Health from the University of Nebraska, his expertise enriches our team.

Michael’s commitment to health is evident through his diverse experiences, from coaching football at Stade Nyonnais to supporting hospital staff in Addis Ababa. His hands-on approach reflects his dedication to positively impacting communities. With his leadership, he will certainly drive meaningful change and connections within our organization.

Michael Adhanom Community & Business Lead
ENSA Mental Health First Aider

having noonchi

Noonchi is the art of being in touch with other people’s feelings, ideas, and emotions so as to engage and respond empathetically.

Your wellbeing check-up can be the experience that puts your students and staff on the path to achieving Noonchi.